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Our training academy offers aesthetic, inject-able, and cosmetic training. All our courses are accredited CPD and we will help you gain recognised contacts in the industry to pave your way to a successful career.

​We pride ourselves on our small and intimate training course sizes. Our teaching framework gives you the reassurance that your training needs are individually met.

​We are proud to launch our first training course in 2020.

Ampika Pickston, CEO

Potential Earning

Depending on experience, you can earn £25,000 – £30,000 per annum as an aesthetic nurse in an established clinic. Nurses with prescribing power could see an earning of over £50,000.

On average, a qualified aesthetic nurse can charge the following for Botox® and dermal filler procedures:

A typical schedule for a part-time aesthetic nurse might consist of the following:

  • 6 half day clinic sessions (3 days per week)
  • 5 clients in each half day session receiving a mixture of Botox® and dermal filler treatments
  • A total weekly profit of around £8,000 (based on standard costs for products, consumables, and room hire)

​Based on the projections above, if you can generate the client numbers, you can therefore aim to generate an annual revenue in excess of £100,000 as a self-employed nurse.

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